Stephanie Saint Thomas

Stephanie was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1961 to artist parents whose devotion to the arts has helped her become the accomplished artist she is today. Her early childhood was spent in Paris, where visits to the Louvre influenced her early watercolors. Her adolescence was spent in the idyllic hamlet of Valkenburg, Holland, where she was surrounded by music, poetry, and art, and there developed her great appreciation of nature. Stephanie and her parents moved to Salt Lake City in 1975. While she attended the University of Utah on a theater scholarship, the demand for her hand-painted jewelry increased, and she soon devoted herself exclusively to creating her whimsical jewelry line that was carried by Saks Fifth Avenue. She also began receiving commissions from interior designers for her hand-painted table and wall-sized mirrors. Stephanie is now creating a collection of large-scale landscapes. Her often mystical and expressionistic renderings of land and sea reflect the beauty, mystery, and enchantment that she sees in all of life.

Spring 2014

DSC01438 DSC04756 DSC04732 DSC04715 DSC01726Stephanie Saint Thomas NecklaceStephanie St. Thomas Necklace


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