Purs ‘nal Pal: Donna Dewey & Wendy Kamahele

Donna & Wendy

Donna & Wendy

Our Purs’nal Pal Story…My beautiful Grandmother, Florence Nelson Florence Nelson(pictured here celebrating her 103rd birthday in April 2007) remains an inspiration to all who meet her. In 2005, she and I were having a heart to heart sharing cherished memories. One of the topics that arose was my memory of her wonderful purse organizer that she had personally designed and assembled while living on her farm in Bowbells, North Dakota. Lined up like ducks in a row, her custom made organizer had compartments for Band-Aids, Lifesavers, a small pair of scissors, tissue, a needle and thread, a rain bonnet, a pen and a place for her wallet. It seemed like anything you ever needed; Grandma could make it magically appear. She lives by the motto: “A place for everything and everything in its place”. She made the purse insert, not only to remain ultra organized and have the items at her fingertips, but she changed purses with nearly every outfit. Grandma is quite the fashionable gal. By simply moving her purse insert from one purse to the next she was ready to go.

A wow factor! moment had just occurred to me. It was at that heart to heart that I asked my Grandmother for her permission to re-shape her original idea and design a new purse organizer to accommodate the items and needs of today. She was delighted at the very thought and gave her blessing and encouragement to pursue the idea.

Within moments, I called my childhood pal and very best friend Donna. We have such a passion in our design and creation of the Purs’nal Pal. It’s no secret that these days our purses could be considered as valuable an accessory as jewelry or shoes. Being organized in this fast paced world just makes our days go that much more smoothly.

Our logo of the three dogs is taken from an oil painting that Grandma painted in 1926. It seemed only fitting that Donna & I honor Grandma and express our love and gratitude to her this way. Our families most certainly have been the best cheerleaders a couple of gals could ever have.

With sheer delight, we have received an overwhelming response simply confirming that our Purs’nal Pal is a doggone good idea.


Organize the contents of your purse and switch from one purse to another with ease. Simply fill your Purs’nal Pal with your personal necessities and you’ll be able to find that certain something every single time because it’s always in the same spot! A purse is an accessory these days. Trendy or timeless we have them all. Designed with galpals in mind, the Purs’nal Pal is the ideal answer to switch from one purse to another in a snap! Using the handles, simply lift out your filled Purs’nal Pal and place it in the purse that matches your style that day. We hope you’ll find your Purs’nal Pal is your new best friend and a doggone good thingPurse Organizer

Mini Purs'nal Pals ~ $17

Mini Purs'nal Pals ~ $17

Large Purs'nal Pals ~ $30

Large Purs'nal Pals ~ $30


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