Kristen Sumsion & Carey Hopkins

Park City, Utah is a great place to gather for food, fun, and many athletic opportunities in its beautiful surroundings. The owners of Park City Peace Cakes, Carey and Kristen, are grateful to call Park City their home for many years. They became great friends living in Park City getting together occasionally for food and Sunday dinners with their families. They also loved pancakes and oatmeal and came up with a great recipe. They started serving their pancake recipe to friends at Sunday afternoon dinners. The pancakes were a hit.

Noticing that Park City didn’t have a lot to offer as take-away gifts from Park City besides a few T-shirts, they decided to try their new recipe as a product. At first, they sold their product at the Park City Farmer’s market and did so well and created a following that they decided to go wholesale to make their mix available in the winter time as well. In the Fall of 2010, they had placed their product in 7 retail/grocery stores.

Feeling blessed for a wonderful life, and being involved a bit through local service for the Peace House – a women’s shelter – they decided to use their product as way to support a good cause and donate a portion of their sales to the Peace House.

Not only do they support the Peace House but they believe in promoting Peace however they can. The philosophy of “Think globally, act locally,” has been an inspiration as well.

Thus, the name – Park City Peace Cakes – and slogan – Make Peace with your world!Peace Cakes

Pancake Mix

Park City Peace Cakes are oatmeal based with a hint of cinnamon and a touch of buttermilk. The delicate balance of whole grain and spice makes a hearty, somewhat sweet pancake that is like nothing else on the market.


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