Keeping Up Cookbook: Grace Ivory Rock & Amy Henriksen Foulger



Grace Ivory Rock and her sister Jane first published Favorites, A Collection of Ivory Family Recipes in the year 2000. Originally compiled to honor their mother and her great recipes, they printed enough cookbooks to give out as Christmas gifts with a few extra copies to sell out of their homes. Demand quickly exceeded anything they anticipated and, in 2003, they turned the printing and selling of Favorites over to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Utah, where cookbook earnings have helped make the wishes of many children come true. As of 2010, over 30,000 copies of the Favorites cookbook have been sold.

Many of the recipes in Favorites came from Grace’s dear friend, Amy Henriksen Foulger, an avid cook and caterer, who has always elevated her cooking to an art form. After ten years of “keeping up” with each other through their love of food and recipes, Grace and Amy decided it was time to compile another collection of tried and true favorites. Of the hundreds of recipes they have exchanged, tested and tweaked during the last decade,Keeping Up Cookbook is a compilation of only the very best.



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