Dylbug: Leslie Mingo

 Leslie Photo

The Inspiration: Leslie started the company in 2004 after the birth of her first son. She was inspired to create cool, hip designs on baby tees with a personal touch. Now with two boys and a little girl, she is constantly designing new personalized graphics for all sorts of kid items.  Something that your little ones can use and grow up with.

The Company: Dylbug is a design company that creates hip, personalized  items for the design-canny parent. Created out of the desire to harmonize style and functionality. Dylbug’s goal is to create fun designs for both little ones and parents in a clean, simple and modern way.

The Products: All products are created with a lot of care and time with your little one in mind. What makes each item so unique is your little ones name on it. You choose the design that fits your child’s personality. Each item is also great for gifts. Dylbug’s goal is to make your little one feel special by having their very own name on their plate, bowl, puzzle, journal, placemat or lunch box. Dylbug’s most popular items are the personalized plates.

Dylbug Holiday Cards 2014Candycane Lane craft kitCandycane Lane craft kit packaged


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