Trista Long

British dog coat

At Spotted Hen Designs I create pet items including dog coats, fabric pet harnesses and collars, head collars (similar to Halties), and dog walk pouches.

I began making pet items when I participated in the People’s Market and they held their first Pet Weekend Event. I made my first up-cycled wool pet coats for that event and they were an instant success. Since then I have added pet harnesses, collars, and dog walk pouches as I have received requests from customers.

I have a fabric fetish, especially when it comes to wools and woven textiles – so many fabrics so little time! I especially love when they are one of a kind, vintage and/or in very limited quantity. It makes me giddy to create something very special out of that one little piece that someone else can take home and love for years to come! Also anything to do with chickens will get me every time, just look at my business name!

Henry final IMG_1264 Dog Walk pouch Puppers